El Mouggar Exhibition: 100-plus economic operators in Tindouf

ALGIERS- More than one hundred national and foreign economic operators are attending the 10th edition of the international exhibition “El-Mouggar” (2021), being held from August 30 to September 2 in Tindouf, officials of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) “Tafagoumt” of Tindouf said Sunday.

In addition to the Algerian participation, several operators from African countries, such as Mauritania, Niger, Mali, and traders from the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) are present, said the director of the chamber Nouh Abiri.

This international exhibition is organized under the theme “Algeria, a gateway to African markets” is an opportunity to develop relations and trade, and provides a logistical platform at this city border, particularly through the land border post between Algeria and Mauritania, “Chahid Mustapha Benboulaid”, said the same official.

It also provides the necessary requirements for current trade, such as storage conditions and goods transport, as well as management of customs procedures related, in addition to providing revenue and incomes to the city of Tindouf, added Mr. Abiri.

The event is also an opportunity to promote exports outside the hydrocarbon sector and promote the national product on African markets. It is also an opportunity for national economic operators to promote their products and to sign cooperation agreements in this field, for the African counterparts, the event is a chance to discover the Algerian products for export, he said.

Tindouf provinces different departments have taken all necessary organizational measures to ensure the success of the 10th edition of the international exhibition “El-Mouggar” (2021).

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