Sonatrach: Production, filling line for motor oil cans renewed at Arzew refinery

ALGIERS- The CEO of Sonatrach, Toufik Hakkar, supervised, Tuesday, the ceremony of entry into service of the production and filling line of motor oil cans at the Arzew oil refinery (Oran), which was completely renovated.

This line was recently renewed at the level of the motor oil and grease production unit, as the new equipment allows the production of 1,600 plates per hour, a line that allows the manufacture of plates from plastic granules and filling them with motor oils according to the explanations provided by the engineers of this industrial unit.

In a statement to the press on the sidelines of his visit to Arzew oil refinery, Mr. Hakkar stressed that this unit will allow the filling of 50 thousand tons of motor oils per year, noting that this new facility “will enhance Sonatrach’s sales in the national market.”

The same official also highlighted that it is possible to increase the production capacity of motor oils “to cover the needs of other companies, both public or private,” noting that thinking about exporting this substance is possible and the “the export of these containers is possible, especially since they comply with all international standards.”

The CEO of Sonatrach indicated that the production of these oils and their containers depends entirely on locally manufactured raw materials, as the oils are manufactured in Arzew refining plant, and their containers are made of plastic materials produced by the petrochemical plants in Skikda.

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