Council of Ministers approves government action plan: Several reforms in order to achieve economic recovery

ALGIERS- The government’s action plan, which was approved by the Council of Ministers at an extraordinary meeting chaired, Monday, by the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, includes several reforms aimed at achieving economic recovery and renewal.

According to a statement by the Presidency of the Republic, those reforms relate to modernizing the banking and financial system, reforming the public commercial sector, the governance of public institutions, improving the attractiveness of the investment climate and ensuring legal and institutional stability.

In its economic part, the plan revolves around the reform of the single window by expanding its prerogatives to play a real role in providing services to investors, promoting the integration of the informal sector within official channels, developing economic real estate, and improving its exploitation, as well as encouraging the initiative by decriminalizing the act of management.

The plan also includes modernizing the agricultural and fishing sector, developing rural areas, upgrading the pharmaceutical industry, and supporting the industrial development of this sector as well as enhancing local production of medicines.

In the field of water, the plan seeks to ensure the supply of water to citizens throughout the entire national territory, to continue to connect dams, to exploit underground waters, to ensure the maintenance of networks, and to promote measures to save water resources and combat waste.

Meanwhile, the government’s action plan aims to “create the conditions for the launch of a real film industry.”

Commenting on the presentation of the plan by the Prime Minister, the President stressed the need to control inflation and raise the development goals 2021/2022.

He also stressed the need to raise national water storage capacities from 10 billion to 12 billion cubic meters, according to the statement.

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